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Business leader looking at camera in working environmentWOMEN in Leadership
Boldy Go Where Great Women Are Destined to Go…

We specialize in teaching women bold Lead-HER-Ship!  While the tide may very well be changing as more women are being elevated into leadership roles, it’s doing so at a snails pace and there is still much work to do. As women continue their climb to the top of the business world, they have yet to be fully appreciated for the unique qualities and abilities they bring to the workplace.  In our work with women, we find even they don’t realize these unique qualities and abilities therefore leaving them victim to a lack of confidence to ask for, not only what they want but what they deserve.

FocusWorks Training and Development is a woman owned, woman run company committed to helping fellow professionals, who also happen to be women, to see their potential in a whole new light.  Through leveraging growth development and coaching along with skill training in the areas of leadership development, conflict acceptance and resolution, resilience training and boundary setting, women of all ages are elevated to claim the respect and admiration of her peers and boldly go where few women have gone before.  We do this by engaging innovative workshops and training, events, and by sharing research about the unique skills and experiences of women leaders.


Composition of smiling peopleMILLENNIALS and Emerging Leaders
“Who You Callin’ Entitled?”

Despite the many criticisms, Generation Y, aka: millennials are not only one of our primary clients but they’re kind of our favorite kind of people to work with as well.  FocusWorks Training and Development prides itself in being one of the great defenders of millennials because we haven’t yet lost sight of what it was like being ambitious, full of energy and ready to take the world by storm.  That said, we also have enough life experience and just enough notches in our belt to be able to show them, guide them and coral some of that enthusiasm in order to elevate them to becoming our next generation of world class leaders and positive change makers.

The  impact millennials have the opportunity to make and shape our futures is undeniable and we’re just the kind of people who wanna make sure we’re on that train to the ensuring the best possible future by leveraging the incredible ideas of this younger generation.  For better or worse, they got skillz and we’re dedicated to honing those skills, developing those talents and allowing them the opportunity to flourish in any environment, but especially in their work environment.