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Training Options & Delivery Methods

We offer a Variety of Training Methods to Meet the Needs of Your Organization

FocusWorks Training and Development offers delivery options that are flexible for your specific organizational needs.  Choose the best-fit for your that meets your desired learning experience.  Below you will find an overview of the different types of training modes we offer.  Also listed on each program listed on our course summary page    Any combination of these modes can be used to create a blended learning experience for any On-Site Training we provide.


Live Training This is the traditional face-to-face method of delivery brings together a group of participants and one of our expert facilitators for a meeting time ranging from a ½ day to 3+ days.  These sessions are specifically designed to be engaging, interactive and relevant to the needs of the participants.  Benefits of a live classroom type setting such as this is of course the in-person interaction and sharing of diverse experiences between participants.   Additionally, most of our clients have found the networking with their peers, and the opportunity to apply their learning in a safe environment along with real-time coaching and feedback from their facilitator was invaluable. Instructor-led options are available for either a Co-Lab session or as a customized session facilitated within your organization.See Options


Live Virtual ClassroomThe virtual classroom is a live, interactive web based session using video and telephone conference technology to engage participants.  These pre-scheduled sessions offer an alternative and cost effective approach to reach a broader employee base.  This option is perfect for companies with remote teams, multiple locations globally, or restrictions on time away caused by job demands such as call centers or security organizations.  Delivered by one of our expert facilitators, these sessions are designed to replicate many of the same benefits of an instructor-led classroom session while eliminating the need for travel and the cost of training facilities.See Options


self-paced elearninge-learning programs leverage technology to provide access to content anytime, anywhere to anyone.  This can be engaged to provide a self-study option or reference tool for participants to offer just-in-time access to information when they need it.  By providing options for continuous on-demand learning we are able to provide a variety of ways for employees to access the information they need when they need it.  We focus on adhering to learning design best practices in order to ensure static e-learning training remains as engaging and valuable as our live training options.  We do this through a variety of tools such as pop-quizes, tests,  feedback requests and by utilizing timed response limits.See Options