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What We Do

Leadership of course begins with the willingness to show up, grow up and move up.  We help companies identify their high potential emerging leaders and equip them with the principles that will elevate them to their desired level of success in all areas of their life and business.

Through the many ways we engage with clients, our approach is consistent and simple: we apply proven, actionable leadership principles to create healthier, stronger relationships between people at all levels of the organization.  As a result, they naturally become more productive and more efficient team performers.  More tangibly, through peer council and mastermind group opportunities, individual coaching and facilitated group training we strive to generate concrete results in the area of individual productivity, company culture and community servanthood.


In order for us to support your success, we are committed to equipping you with leadership teachings that are road tested and leader approved.  We take our own years of practical knowledge, mentoring and real-time application of skills and concepts and combine them with the ideas and principles of some of the greatest leadership thought leaders to create for you a set of concepts and practices that you can apply to career, your team, your organization and your life…starting today.


 Hikers climbing on rock, mountain at sunset, one of them givingChallenge

We believe leadership is a privilege and a distinction earned only through the willingness and commitment to “always be growing and changing.”  After all, if you’re not growing, you’re dying.  It’s also a responsibility and it demands risk of feeling uncomfortable as you step out of that conveniently designed zone we all like to refer to as the comfort zone.  With every group we facilitate, we bring with us a level of accountability and a commitment nudge participants out of the box in order to explore the uncharted waters that will become their canvas for designing the new leader from within.


To inspire means to urge and encourage a person to do something they otherwise would not do on their own.  Inspiration is a vehicle by which we can “breathe into” others and bring up the very best someone has to give.  To be inspiring requires our commitment to modeling world class leadership, professionalism and accountability to a set of values that others want to follow.  We are committed to just such a task because we believe good leaders don’t tell their followers to go to the the top, they instead extend an invitation and say, “Let’s go together.”